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Women are cheated. From the bedroom to the boardroom, the drug store to religion, women are shortchanged. We are unfairly characterized, overburdened, and deliberately prevented from attaining equal status with men. Women are accustomed to receiving less while contributing more. Personal power and political might have been restricted-with women’s cooperation.

Eileen Torres a public speaker, film producer, and budding author shares her thoughts on the harm caused by gender inequity. An astute student of national and world affairs along with gender politics, Eileen implores women to pay attention. Her insightful narrative points the way to gender equity.


Women’s Sexual Superiority

The Spiritual Nature of Sex

Girls, You are Like Chocolate

Wilt Chamberlain and 20,000 Women

In Praise of Enlightened Men

Women That Love Sex

The Orgasmatron

Oral Contraception

The Sexual Revolution

Feminism and Civil Rights

The Tables Turn 

Pornography for Women

Non Traditional Arrangements

Romantic Love’s Short Shelf Life

Compatibility Quotient    

Government and Politics

Equal Pay for Women

Minimum Wage Equals Poverty

Violence Against Women   

Men’s Obsession with Women’s Reproductive Systems

Abortion is Legal in the United States

Prove You Need Viagra

Women and the Vote

PACs and Super PACs

Deceptive Meanings 

FORBES: Ten Most Powerful Women in the World

Rwanda #1 – USA #75

Male Genital Mutilation to Ensure Family Stability

Educate Girls

What Men Are Saying About Us

Time Magazine – Top Ten Political Sexual Scandals

The “Me Too” Movement 

Men Always Get More

POWER – Claim It and Use It

The Changing of the Guard

Women Will Set the World Straight

Golden Steel Plate
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